It is a CSC SPV initiative in the area of female hygiene for making and providing sanitary napkins at an affordable price to especially the rural and tribal females of India under the brand name "Stree Swabhiman".

Anyone can setup this Unit by investing setup cost.

  • Rolling raw material device
  • Pressing plate
  • Wings gumming device
  • UV radiation sterilizer
  • Back Gumming Device

"Stree Swabhiman" product is made up of:

  • Virgin Wood Pulp sheet
  • Gel Sheet
  • Non- Woven Sheet
  • Silicon Paper
  • PE Back Sheet (White Color)
  • Gum Eco friendly
  • Plastic Cover for Packing.

Usually 6 to 10 Women (Adult) worker.

In a day 1200-2000 pieces can be produced depending upon manpower's practice of job and efficiency.

Material used like Virgin wood pulp sheet, large wings etc. makes it more comfortable and keeps girls /women irritation free for a long time make it more useful than others. Apart from this the product is Bio-degradable, eco-friendly.

Most of the sanitary product is available in the market are made up of plastic or cotton latex products which can harm the skin in long use whereas in product "Stree Swabhiman" only virgin wood pulp sheet used with non-woven white sheet for comfort. Also due to heavy soaking capacity and extended side protection it keeps women irritation free for extra more hours.

This napkin made by experience workforce (women worker) under a very hygenic condition maintaining the standard norms of WHO.

These pads are comfortable and soft for the skin. Virgin wood pulp sheet & non-woven sheet used in this pad wick moisture away and absorb heavy quantity of flow and leave you feeling drier.

It contains Liquid / Gel without leakage for more than 8 to 12 hours.

Single gel sheet used in this product can absorb liquid more than another pads available in market. As the width of Gel Sheet is less than cotton it looks Slim.

There are 8 sanitary Napkins in a single packet.

Currently we are providing 260 mm size sanitary napkin which is equal to the XL, it will be scaled up to all the sizes very soon.

Nerarby Schools, Colleges, Medical Halls, Hospitals etc.

Waste material can be utilised to prepare pads for the womens after delivery and it can be sold out or delivered to the hospitals.

CSC will release CSR Fund for maximum 150 girl school / college students (Government) per month after receiving utilisation report in prescribed format for free distribution of sanitary napkin pad subjected to fund availability.

At least 42000-45000 pads to be made with 50000 Raw material Order depending upon the worker efficiency and wastages, in the same manner at least 24000 – 26000 pads must be made with 30000 raw material order.

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